The PharmaPort 360™ Model 7628

Temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals must be refrigerated from production to injection. Developing this unbroken cold chain often causes logistical problems, particularly during transportation. The PharmaPort 360™ is a unique temperature controlled shipping container that addresses many of these challenges for pharmaceutical that must be maintained between 2°C and 8°C.  The design is based on a high performance laboratory refrigerator which not only keeps the contents at a constant 5°C set-point, but also offers tamper-proof validation of the cold chain.  More

The PharmaPort 360™ simplifies the air and ground  transportation of cold-storage materials while maintaining high-density cargo loading. Forklift access on all sides makes it easy to handle at ports, terminals and warehouses. FAA approved, this temperature controlled container is designed to fit on standard NAS Series air cargo pallets and can be loaded in single or dual configurations, depending on pallet size, need and preference. More


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